Apply for PSEO

2021-22 School Year

The decision to participate in PSEO is an important one, and students should start planning early. The student will be expected to be a responsible, self-starting independent learner. 

Things students and families should consider before applying to do PSEO:

  • Academic Ability: Is the student ready for college-level course work? General guidelines: Juniors a 3.5 GPA and above and seniors a 3.0 GPA and above. Students should also be in the 50th percentile or higher on standardized tests.  For each credit, expect about an hour of reading and studying for that course (ex: 3 credit class = 3 outside hours per week extra for hw)
  • Maturity: Is the student mature, responsible and self-disciplined enough to be successful in a college setting?  Colleges are open to all ages of students, is the student comfortable in working with students who are in their 30s or older on group projects or presentations? 
  • Food and Transportation: Students will need to provide their own breakfast and lunch through PSEO. Transportation is also something to consider. Will the student be able to provide their own transportation to the college or university of their choosing?  Will they be able to pay for parking (if needed)?  Students should also consider not only driving to the college or university of their choosing but also the time it takes to park, walk to the university and walk across campus to the class. 
  • Be aware of postsecondary admissions requirements and deadlines. It is the postsecondary institution that determines admissions requirements into their postsecondary courses – not the high school. Postsecondary institutions also set their own application deadlines and timelines for admission.
  • You are still a Fridley Tiger.  It will be your responsibility to stay up to date with your grade level google classroom for HS deadlines (ordering a yearbook, senior group picture etc.) - continuing to check your email on top of your new PSEO email is an expectation.
  • High School Graduation Requirements: Students should learn and understand the number of credits and courses needed to graduate from Fridley High School.  Enrollment in an incorrect PSEO class could result in delayed high school graduation, so careful planning and communication with the high school is very important. Fridley High School will work with students in choosing generally comparable courses to meet requirements.  Your dean will work with you to complete this form: PSEO/FHS Course Worksheet 2021-22  
  • Decide where to enroll – and which courses to take. There is no list of available PSEO courses available across the state. Students should locate the list of PSEO courses offered by the postsecondary institution where they would like to enroll. Refer to the list of PSEO participating institutions approved to offer PSEO in Minnesota:

Applying to PSEO Procedure

  • Google Meet: REQUIRED PSEO Meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd at 1pm with the Academic Deans (Student will receive: PSEO Procedure, Parent Contract, and Graduation Requirements) 
  • Apply to the PSEO institution of your choice.   
    • Most colleges/universities open up the application process in February - again, each college/university has different requirements and deadlines to abide by 
  • Request transcripts.  PSEO programs need official transcripts from the high school.  Fridley High School uses Parchment to send transcripts.  
  • Meeting with student, parent (in person, via phone conference or google meet), and Academic Dean.  The Academic Dean will discuss courses necessary to take to meet FHS graduation requirements and how credits transfer from college to high school. Bring parent signed state form to this meeting.
    • PSEO Parent/Student Contract needs to be fully completed and turned in at this meeting
    • Turn in PSEO Reflection prompts at this meeting
    • PSEO state form will be signed off on at this meeting 
  • Complete PSEO state form with PARENT SIGNATURE:  Click here
    It is the student’s responsibility to turn in the state form to the PSEO institution -- you’ll submit this form to the PSEO institution after the parent meeting 
  • Inform Academic Dean about your intent to complete PSEO or remain at the high school. DEADLINE is May 31, 2021 for the entire 2021-2022 school year along with the signed parent contract.  Once you commit to PSEO, your high school classes will be dropped from your schedule. 
  • Self-report PSEO schedule on Google Form: PSEO - Self-Report Course Form