College and Career Pathways

Fridley High School provides successful college and career-preparatory classes through the Minnesota Career Fields, Clusters, and Pathways. All careers require flexibility, knowledge, and skills. The Pathways Chart graphically depicts the organizing framework of the foundation knowledge and skills, career fields, career clusters, and career pathways that Minnesota uses for developing programs of study.


college & career pathways at fridley high school:

Business, Management & Administration

Students focus on the interplay of people, systems, and cultures. Electives provide opportunities to explore the relationships between business, politics, and history, with an emphasis on world languages and cultures.

engineering, manufacturing & technology

Students focus on investigation and application of sciences, technology, engineering and math. Electives provide real-world, hands-on opportunities to explore elements of engineering, environmental, and research sciences.

arts, communications & information systems

Students focus on the creative process through a variety of mediums: visual, performance, music, drama and written word.  Electives provide opportunities to communicate ideas, interpret media and develop methods of self-expression through project-based classes.

health science technology

Students focus on understanding and serving people through medicine and sciences. Electives provide opportunities to explore the biomedical field, health careers, leadership and the social/psychological needs and development of people.

human services

Students interested in pursing a career in human services enjoy helping others and working toward the betterment of society. Human services professionals can make direct impacts on people's lives. Human services occupations include jobs in the fields of social work, health care, psychiatry and other disciplines related to physical and mental health and well-being.

Jim Cummings    
Dean - Academic Support
Grade 9-12, Last names A-F

Kimberly Lewis  
Dean - Academic Support
Grade 9-12, Last names G-M

Jessica Miller-Johnson
Dean - Academic Support
Grade 9-12, Last names N-Z

The IB Diploma Programme provides rigorous college preparatory work for students. All students participate in IB coursework, but high-achieving grade 11 and 12 students can take advantage of the challenging IB Diploma Programme and earn an IB diploma.

The IB Career-related Programme at Fridley High School is for students who wish to engage in career-related learning to prepare themselves to enter post-secondary studies and/or training in their chosen career field, or to enter the workforce directly after high school.

Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a program that allows students to earn college credit while still in high school through enrollment and successful completion of college courses at eligible postsecondary institutions.